Green Valley Decorative Rock

With locations in both Green Valley and Tucson, you’ll have convenient access, personalized service, affordable prices, and a rockin’ experience. We are now selling artificial turf and installation supplies! Please call our office for more details.

Green Valley Decorative Rock Services residents and contractors in Southern Arizona, Green Valley, Sahuarita, Tucson, and surrounding communities.

Enhance the look of your landscape with rugged boulders!

Boulders can add curb appeal or enhance your current backyard setting. We offer a superb selection of sizes and colors that will make your landscape design stand out.

Tucson Location:

(520) 887-8181

Green Valley Location:

(520) 625-2550

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If your project requires block, pavers, cobble stones etc, please contact our office so that we can assist you with your project estimate.

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Please call or visit your closest location to fulfill your project needs.

We Can Help

As a natural product, the shades of decorative gravel change over time. Whether you are starting something new, or trying to match your existing gravel, we can help.

Salt River Rock

Salt River Rock is a diverse product. It can be used for drainage purposes, accents to your yard such as a dry river, or painting them to hide in your community. Whatever you utilize the rocks for, we’d love to see your creation!

Great Section

Pavers, Block and Flagstone offer a wonderful accent to walking paths or privacy walls. We have a great selection to choose from, even Geckos!

Happy Customer Reviews

Geraldine Joseph (Google Review)

The office staff was very friendly & helpful. Bought large river rocks by the 5gal buckets for Rock-painting. Lady in office even came out to help me pick rocks as she was not busy. Good experience! Great price! Clean rocks!

– Geraldine Joseph (Google Review)

Uh-Oh Garage by Zef-Side Andy (Google Review)

Very friendly staff, super prices, good service. Definitely will use again and again.

– Uh-Oh Garage by Zef-Side Andy (Google Review)

Barry-Mary Gruters (Google Review)

The office staff was most helpful (and patient!) while we learned what we needed, wanted, and preferred. This included Jeromy who manned the office one Saturday and gave us the needed confidence that our residential delivery could be very easily managed. He, and the the rest of the staff who worked with us on our order, were correct! Jeromy’s delivery was done excellently, while he was pleasant, helpful and very professional. Plus, he nailed the load placement (which will save my back a great deal. Whew!)  Yep, we will do business with Green Valley Decorative Rock again, to be sure.

– Barry-Mary Gruters (Google Review)

Kathleen Beres (Google Review)

Courteous, friendly and knowledgeable.

– Kathleen Beres (Google Review)

Linda Roussard (Google Review)

Knowledgeable and helpful! From ordering to delivering, Highly recommend.

– Linda Roussard (Google Review)

Michael Bunting (Google Review)

I’ll work on the Eastside, I’ll work on the Southside, I’ll work on the Northside, but I’ll get my material needs from Zack at Green Valley Decorative Rock on the Westside. All around clean and neat. Lots of choices of materials 👍

– Michael Bunting (Google Review)

Mark Thacher (Google Review)

I went to check out the decorative rock. They have a good selection. I was treated really well by the staff. They answered all my questions. I will be back to make my purchase when ready.

– Mark Thacher (Google Review)

Hugh Mills (Google Review)

I had occasion to visit Green Valley Decorative Rock again recently and just like before the service was outstanding! From Zac helping me figure out just what I needed and saved me some money (Thanks for your service in the Marine Corps too, Zac) right through to my delivery driver Paul. He was able to put every exactly where I wanted it. Excellent driving Paul! They were quick, professional and still the best prices in town!

– Hugh Mills (Google Review)

Cathey Langione (Google Review)

A novice to landscaping lingo, by the time I finished my business with GVDR, I felt I had been treated courteously and respectfully. Jake was extremely patient as I made my way through selecting the rock and boulders needed. He even provided me samples of the rock so that I could confirm that the right size and color had been ordered. When Paul showed up in his huge truck to drop off the rock and the boulders, after some cheerful banter, he put the truck in just the right place to have the load land in just the right place. I definitely recommend doing business with this company with a high 5 because of the employees.

– Cathey Langione (Google Review)

Donna J (Google Review)

Juan was amazing, accommodating and friendly as were the people on my initial visit to the store front. I already gave contact information to my neighbors.

– Donna J (Google Review)